And Windows is no longer able to detect it. Keep up the good work! Can you remove memory modules one by one and test the laptop with each module separately? Anyway thanks for your z tutorial as it was quite helpful and your website is great. Boy is that fragile. Now when I turn it on I can get to the ACER screen and then nothing, when you push the f2 all you do is wait and nothing.

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Acer Aspire Z Keyboard PK –

The z that I have was given to me by my kwyboard, worked for about a week. I have just started a project to breathe new life into my WLMi, and stumbled across this site. The fan start to work, but soon after stops.

If so where can I buy one and how can I do it. Thanks for your great article and for all the pictures!

The weird thing is that it now boots 5610s much slower than before, despite the fact that I have installed Win 7 very cleanly without OEM junk on a few IBM Thinkpads of the same vintage; they all more or less share the same chipsets and components but the IBM models kick the crap out of the Acer, even though the 5610zz has the more powerful CPU!


It all performs beautifully and should give this laptop another few years of daily use. Do you have any ideas what i may have done wrong or suggestions as to what i should look for when i disassemble again? Keyboaard at beeps error code for phoenix bios I think of likely failure is Initialize Power Management. Then the power light indicator is on all time, but neither image nor sounds is detected.

Wait until it bypasses the BIOS password request. Most likely this guide will work for some other Acer Aspire 56XX models.

I would check laptop memory first. No sound coming out of it. Do you have a part number for the video cable connecting the motherboard to the LCD display? Can you upgrade the hard drive.

Should I simply replace the keybowrd or do I need to look into other possible problems? Thank you very much! Take a look at the third picture.

Keyboard for Acer Aspire 5100 5610 5610z 5680 5500 Series Black US

If the laptop turns on but there is no image on the internal or external screens, check memory modules. Most likely attached to the motherboard. I changed the keyboard on an Acer aspire using this. Yes, you can upgrade the hard drive. If it works with 2. Lino Vole prejudice are asking me this laptop and I have the mini pci slot free I can install a dedicated video card Nvidia gt that Integrated sucks?


Could be just loose memory. Thanks for putting the effort into publishing these guides! Theoretically, it should also be upgradeable to 4GB. Do you have any advice? On my Acer Aspire Z on the left side is big slot i have not idea what is it for. Could be memory failure. This was Quite helpful but i needed to know if the processor can be separated from the motherboard as i want to replace the processor.

It previously had a Core Duo T 1. While shorting it, turn on the laptop. Thanks a lot for the tutorial dude.