I’ll try like this: And in this case the voltage dropped only at Vdd to meet the chip’s maximum Operating voltage while keeping it high at Diode’s positive terminal so that there will be “room” for Voltage drop? I’ll post the picture if this is successful. Again I appreciate you. The so called M variety can go easily up to 2Watt when driven at 1.

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Vf of nm LD is over 4.

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Forums New posts Search forums. There are some similar projects to create an Open Source laser cutter, some of them already shipping devices:. I hope this will be possible. While from and on, everybody’s favorite diode seems to be the so called blue nm M harvested from old projectors 1,4W and 2W varietythose diodes tend to be quite expensive amc71355 experimentation.

I’ll post the picture if this is successful. Got it Thank you.

Amc Laser Driver – softwaredino

G4 PXXX adds a pause in miliseconds. Laser Material Processing4th ed, Springer-Verlag, See the Laser Cutter Working Group forum. Can I build 1. Thank you for the diagram. When using inert and other lawer in an enclosed room you have to test for leakage or monitor the oxygen-concentration in the room.


Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. With a software separating the processing data amc71135 the single lasers you can speedup the time per sheet along with the count of lasers And drop-out voltage of 1N54xx diode 3A is 0.

It also has a PWM pin.

Doubling the size of the tip spreads the power logarithmically, so adjusting the focus is paramount. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Try it out with a test load. You may be onto something here. Input voltage of amc ranges upto 6V-7V.

Question about amc7135 and 445nm LD..

A PoIV graph is now available in the forum http: The darker the color of the material you are trying to cut the easier it is for the laser to burn. The thinner your burning tip is the more concentrated power you get. That’s a full minute for a single millimeter and should be fine for even the slowest cuts.


Privacy policy About RepRap Disclaimers. Using a laser on a reprap machine requires usually lower speeds. I use RepRap firmware which is adjusted for 3d printing. BShanahan14rulz Well-known member Aug 9, So here is my take on it.

The primary factors affecting cutting speed v are laser beam power Pthe material being cut and its thickness h. Again I appreciate you. This page was last edited on 2 Mayat With this little amount of power you can expect to engrave in slow speeds wood and paper, and cut colored paper.

But maximum current of lasdr to nm is 1.