Specifically designed to eliminate the problems of wand based verifiers on corrugate. Any failure can either stop the printer or give a warning. A vital part of any quality management system. The verifier head can be placed just below the top, and the top located by scanning until a decode is obtained and then moved by steps as little as 1 mm for multi scan average. The PV is the simplest Axicon verifier for point-of-sale barcodes, and is fully portable.

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Rechargeable batteries can be supplied with a charger if they are required. Bar codes measuring greater than 4. Labels We are a preferred labels supplier for many leading manufacturers and retailers, and specialise in bespoke labels, with or without barcodes, and with no minimum order size.

Aperture automatically switchable between 10 and 20mil aperture. The scan width of the reader is 66 mm.

Because We Are Experts! Axicon Auto ID is a world leader in barcode verification, designing and manufacturing our own verifiers since which are fully compliant with the. Security and tamper evident labels. The enclosed design of the read head means that only the light supplied by the CCD is captured.


Verifiers Annual servicing What is a barcode verifier? Axicon were azicon first to introduce this technology and it remains one of the major strengths of the Axicon system.

Every 12 Months Capture Area: The vernier scale rack unit moves the head smoothly and accurately along the symbol enabling a full range of reads to be taken quickly and easily. Advantages of using Windows based software Cost Savings. Fixed position of CCD array.

Portable barcode verifier

This is not necessarily the case with either laser and wand based units or even other CCD based verifiers. Scan File Data Extractor. Front flap ensures ambient light does not become an issue. Axicon’s free check digit calculator is available here.

It is a requirement of the ISO standard to eliminate all ambient light. Scan File Data Extractor. Simply install the software on your PC, plyg in the verifier and you can rest assured that your barcodes are being checked to the highest quality standards. Linear 1D Bar Codes. Specifically designed to eliminate the problems of wand based verifiers on corrugate.


Axicon PC-6000 Barcode Verifier

All data can be transferred to a PC for further analysis axixon information stored on the flash memory card supplied. Or learning to properly scan a bar code? A free software upgrade path means that the range has built in lack of obsolescence. Well, a reasonable level of technical support is included in the package. Windows based system means others can be added at any time.

Axicon PV-1072

All other logos are trademarks of their respective xaicon. Download our product brochure. Features of this unit include: Eliminates effects of ambient light. Do you have scannability?

Symbologies verified as standard: Aperture automatically switchable between 3, 5, 6, 10 and 20 mil. Sequential and variable data labels.