Controlling the FX section using the four rotaries at the top centre of the unit works well and enables fast control of FX flourishes and fills. Did you find this review helpful? Once Traktor is opened, all assignments work instantly and are sensibly configured. Round the back there are the optional phono inputs for adding turntables or two line level devices. No, I spent the night, fortunately there are forums that explain properly – Have you experienced any incompatibilities? With experience, you do again this choice? Already excellent in , it is even better now, the product price has been reduced in Belgium by the importer!

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Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?


Yes but will not install controller on windows Full back-lighting – above and beyond the odd LED – would have been nicer though, and the hardware jog wheels still stick in places unless a decent amount of pressure is applied. No, I discover, wonder how we can take pleasure in mixing with ca, I miss my vinyl. Mine has suffered repeated attacks by flying beer and fell several times but it still survive and everything works perfectly.

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Behringer B-Control DeeJay BCD review | MusicRadar

Used with Traktor But I have a problems with a vertical pitch of pots Used inreplaced by the current hardware, it still served, and still works as well as the first xeejay Pros An affordable all-in-one package.


With experience, you do again this choice? BCD with traktor, motivating the price!

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Very simple, intuitive, with tooltips. The overall configuration is easy but it’s better if you already know Traktor. Otherwise, the law seems legeremnt flu, as if he had rust, and talking about rust, and Output Inpout legeremnts are rusty.

Not in any way! Have you tried many other models b-controll buying it? Round the back there are the optional phono inputs for adding turntables or two line level devices.

Sort by most recent most useful. And the two “jogs” that serve scatcher do not work: Installation intuitive, fast and with many using the explanation manual.

I did the update 3. On the other hand, the quality is bad although ugly plastic but you know it is weak then we try to be careful.

Regarding the version 3LE, only two tracks can be used I behringet it at home or meeting friends and I happened to use it once or twice in garden party. No, but after that we found the right subject in the correct forum, it gets better – The manual is clear and sufficient? You can adjust it but you won’t feel it anymore under 10 ms.


Write a user review. Like the sticker says, Behringer has bundled in Traktor LE with the b-ontrol which makes the a much better out-of-the-box DJing solution. At the time, yes, it was the best solution for the use of computers in dances without having paid big bucks for, say, the Xone: It was exactly two years ago and it still works. No but you have to download the update before installing.

With the professional sound system of the place sometimes the sound technician is also provided LOL or directly connected to active P. Map integration and therefore precoute. Brilliantly, Traktor also makes the unit actually sound better this time around because of the superior EQ and overall audio decoding. No, I think so, an update available – What software do you use most often?

Tracktor 3 – What’s the latency of your system?