The only thing I can deduce is that the lighter weight in comparison to my old driver was causing me to close the face of the FT at impact. With this club all you got to do is the basics. Bought my FT-5 last season, and continue to like it. But, when you miss the screws on the outer third of the face, you are going to lose significant distance. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I hit the second on the heel and the ball leaked a bit to the right.

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To really be a hot shot in golf, you need to take any bolf clubs under consideration out on the course. A titanium cup-face area with VFT Variable Face Thickness technology is married to a lightweight composite body with epoxy, and a series of internal weights distribute mass to specific areas of the perimeter to increase the Moment of Inertia MOI to increase forgiveness, and also to create different types of ball flight.

The square design of the FT-i left is unusual but conducive to an easy setup, while the FT-5 is clean and uncomplicated.

Callaway FT-i/FT-5 Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Both drivers feature a flash of deep red on the sole, along with a bit of aluminum for durability. The FT-i left has a slightly deeper and more narrow hitting area than the FT-5 right.

I picked up the FTI today since golf galaxy has them at a whopping dollars. In wet conditions, or really humid conditions, the stock grip is no good.


A good ole fashion stubborn streak prompted me to either come to terms with the club or toss it into the desert and let it die a slow sunblistered death.

I know that there is a new shaft but is there a new clubhead as well? This is a keeper. Rate this product Select rating 1 star rubbish 2 stars poor 3 stars average 4 stars very good 5 stars outstanding You must select a rating.

This is similar to the FT-3, while the original Fusion driver had an exposed weave to its composite body which I still think looks cool. So far, my distance has increased by 20 yards but far more importantly, I am hitting far more fairways.


Callaway FT-5 Draw Driver Reviews – Golf Club Reviews – Golfbidder

caolaway However if cant fix your slice try the ft-i. Would have been a great day except for the rest of my game was poo. The club was pricey which makes the results I am getting a bit saltier.

The fade option that was available on the FT-3 has been relegated to the Tour versions of the new drivers.

I noticed that callawat the ball higher with the FT-i has also helped compared to teeing very low with with the GBB. Your name You must enter your name. Used the Ft 5 draw twice out-drove my Callaway by 30 yds. It has the performance you expect from a top-of-the-line driver, and has enough goof to make it appeal to nearly any level of golfer.

Bottom line, I am putting the club up for sale and thank goodness, I still have my old driver. Yes, the FTi is pricey, but there are good deals on ebay from reputable e-retailers. When you hit this club on the screws, it goes…and goes straight.


Do i hit every fairway-no of course not- but i hit most of them and the baduns dont kill me anymore. I love the feel and the looks of it.

Callaway FT-i/FT-5 Driver Review

Travel Bags Shoe Bags. The all new Callaway FT-5 driver has been launched to maximise the Fusion Technology in the traditional shape.

Never got it going. With both Callaway carbon drivers carrying shots over yards, vt5 reckon the company has been working to find extra power for everyday golfers. I have hit it only a few times, so I will have to return and give my on-course opinion. Very forgiving along with distance comparitive to much higher priced and well advertised clubs.

Callaway FT-5 Drivers

I switched to the FT-5 neutral face with a stiff shaft. Sound is better than the FT3, but to be honest, it wasn’t worth the extra money upgrading, not for me anyway – the FT3 is still the one.

Both calllaway have the same rubber grips with subtle alignment tt5 and Callaway logos. If you dont struggle with hitting fairways I would go with something else, because i know their are drivers that hit the ball further than the ft-i.