Imagine – The Ultimate Edition. All comments should remain on topic. It is a cleanly designed, universal remote that can work in most situations for most users as their main remote. Many people ask about HD processing. Picture from Directtv HR was so bad, I recalibrated the display several time without success.

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The firmware update is one of the easiest I have seen to date. The back panel contains the lion’s share of inputs with ample space between them, a detachable power cord, an IR mini-jack for use with control systems, and a mini-USB port for firmware upgrades.

Is There A Difference?

DVDO Edge Video Processor –

In my testing, it also worked well with 2: Music From Big Pink. If you’re using a p projector and don’t feel like upgrading yet, the DVDO Edge is a relatively inexpensive way to see an immediate performance increase. Hidden in the dvo system are a couple of features that should have been given more prominence. But the bottom line is that the Edge gives you the performance of a top-shelf video processor at a bargain basement price. With a whopping six HDMI 1. Some of the features might also be left out, the great number of test patterns that we know and love in the VP product line seem to be a bit out of place here.


Reader Comments 7 comments Posted Dec 19, 8: This usually means you are forced to pass all your sources through your AVR first and then have it switch your sources and pass them down to your display. When not using game mode, it was all too easy to fail miserably. Your email address dvo necessary for you to activate your comment once it has been submitted.

Everything Old is New Again.

Every source is hiked up couple of notches. Finally return the unit for dvvo refund. That means not just catering to the typical video processor sales channels integrators, primarily but also selling the unit online through Amazon.

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When playing video games, video delay is a great way to ruin the experience. As a result, audio arrives at your speakers before the accompanying video arrives at your screen. Since all of our video sources at the time were video, but were originally film — Yvves Faroudja introduced the world to the concept of 3: Post a Isb Alert Moderator.

One of the downsides of applying image processing is that it takes time. Posted Feb 3, 5: Some of the best features are buried deep within menus that most users will probably never find e.


Imagine – The Ultimate Edition. DVDO’s newest video processor, the Edge, is now available. Posted Jan 18, 7: Edge Enhancement is especially intriguing, as it does not seem to add any ringing or other artifacts typically associated with increasing sharpness on a display.

You often get about different tweaks for audio, but you hardly ever see an AVR that has aspect ratio control, one of the simplest things to implement in a video processor. The unit also did quite well with mosquito noise removal. Delaying audio to match video only works if you’re using non-interactive content. This function prevents the incoming frame rate from being altered—if 24fps comes in, 24fps goes out.

Many years ago, CRT projector owners had an annoying problem, if they increased their projection area, scan lines would become visible. Camelot Technology Dragon 5.