The above results lead me to conclude that the Epson is unable to extract any real detail from somewhere under dpi on. As you can see, scan time results have improved drastically, which indicates that they do indeed massively depend on how fast your computer is and how much RAM it has. However, if your film library is entirely 35mm, I still recommend a dedicated 35mm film scanner. The Transparency unit also has a sliding lock Great glue on this label Use coin to unlock scanner coin not included You can’t miss the warnings, well at least I didn’t Use finger to unlock scanner lid finger not included Driver and Software installation Before connecting the scanner to your PC, you have to install the scanner software, it says so on the yellow label. It’s not the slowest scanning 35mm at dpi, but scanning film outputting a 15×19″ image at dpi, which is something less than the scanner’s maximum optical resolution, took some time. EPSON scanner – interactive review This is a flat bed scanner on the high end of the Epson perfection line which also comes with 8 x 10 transparency and film capability.

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Epson Perfection 4990 PHOTO scanner user experience report

The sticker on the top of the unit is one of the stickiest stickers I have ever come across, fortunately it pulled off in one piece, but was on scabner with trying to rip up a telephone directory. Most relevant reviews See all 7 reviews. Show less Show more. Epson Perfection Photo.

Epson’s Perfection PRO; Is This An Uncompromised Do-Everything Scanner? Page 2 | Shutterbug

If you own epsno relatively old computer with not too much RAM and buy this scanner you then will have to either upgrade your computer or live with the very slow scan times. Not signed in yet? It is clear to me now that I should have bought a dedicated medium format film scanner right from the start, which once again confirms that photography is a very costly hobby and it gets even more expensive if you try to save money by buying cheaper equipment.


I managed to recover their detail by putting them directly on scanner bed. However, there are several aspects where the scanner’s performance is not as brilliant as I hoped it would be. There are several sellers of aftermarket non-Epson brand film holders, but I didn’t feel they w ere worth the price. The normal slide holder only has room for 8 slides. I further conducted the following test to see if there is any real difference in detail extraction between the two: Great scans from transparency slide and negative epeon.

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I have put the unit to the test with the following results I pressed the scan button, scanning process began and the software estimated that it would take 70 minutes. This is a much better option as it hides both dust and fingerprints. For any photo enthusiast with a mixed library of film and epzon in various formats, the Epson Perfection PRO is an ideal choice. Being a pre-owned scanner, it was missing the film holders. The numbers above and my experience suggest that scanning film larger than 35mm at resolutions of over dpi is utterly impractical unless you have only a couple of slides to scan and plenty of time to kill.


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You can unsubscribe at any time with a click on the link provided in every Epson newsletter. If you don’t want any of these items then click the Custom button and deselect the items not required. But realistically, most amateur slides and negatives don’t have any more detail than that anyway.

However, the Epson does not quite cut it for 35mm clearly outperformed by the “lowly” Minolta scanner in all sxanner and 6X6 film—unless, of course, all you need is scanning slides for Internet and email, for which even dpi is plenty. However, you should note that the latest version is now Elements 3. Find a repair centre close. What’s in the box? Skip to main content.

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The Epson V Photo scanner review. Do Your Portraits Look Flat?

This does not seem to influence sharpness; however, it causes distortion of the geometry of scanned images.

What I see here is that the dpi scan is a tiny bit sharper; however, this is significantly emphasized by the excessive sharpening and almost invisible when sharpening is not applied.

Maybe you want to include a small note in your review about this scanner. Now we are spoilt and we have come to expect it as a standard fitting.