RPM site indicator The LED lamps x8 will activate when input pulses from ignition coil reach the correct site as indicated on the circuit board. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab. The amount of fuel used is directly proportional to the quantity of air introduced into the engine with a normal ratio of approximately Water should be introduced as early as possibe, the obvious place being on the up-stream of the intercooler. Flow and pressure characteristics are controlled by varying the frequency and the duration of the electrical pulse fed to the solenoid. Water injection equipments, all dimensions in mm.

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Install this More information. With our highly efficient Full Race exhaust manifold, our turbo can spool so fast we were running into issues with compressor surge, especially when modulating the throttle in higher gears or doing th gear roll ons.

ERL MF2 5th injector

If the MF2 is installed inside the car, position the MF2 in such a way that the lamps on mappablr circuit board can be observed from the engine bay.

Sellers set the item’s declared value and must comply with customs declaration laws. Water travelling through these grooves picks up a swirling motion before leaving the small hole on the tip, causing an atomising effect, turning the water into a fine mist: Cylinder number selection pins Preset link pins for quick cylinder selection.

This system worked much better and I used this until I rebuilt my engine rrl a lower Brian Kono of Afterhours Automotive built this bracket that inmector the water tank, high pressure pump and in-line water filter cleanly in the trunk. The water pump should remain inactive.


Bidding has ended on this item. With the constantly running pump, we noticed the fast response and felt confident about it even with our very remotely mounted pump.

We mounted the one way check valve as close to the nozzle as possible. The MF2 plus the basic ERL water injection upgrade kit, which includes jnjector high pressure water pump and solenoid valve, will make the MF2 into a fully functional water injection system.

Intercooling The effect of intercooling is discussed earlier and the amount of water injected is greatly dependent on the ambient temperature, geomentry of the inlet tract and the power produced by the engine. Learn more mf22 opens in a new window or tab.

FOR SALE: MF2 mappable injector driver

This type of installation should have the injection point threshold adjusted relatively high on the MF2 with perhaps a manifold pressure of 1 bar or over before commencement of water injection.

Tests carried out with stationary car 1. The blue cable loom must be used for this application. Eleven on-board LEDs give instant visual indication of any problems that may arise and therefore faults can be identified quickly.

EVOs sometime develop knock count due to drivetrain lash and other mechanical noise but it is easy to detect spurious knock count by looking at the engine’s operation parameters in the logs.

Describe the Basic conversion systems 2. Skip to main content.

RotorSports water injection Aquamist

A supercharger tends to build up its boost curve progressively with engine speed. Choosing the Water jet size As the water delivery rate cannot be regulated without the MF2, the only way it can be metered is by installing different size water jets. Once priming of the pump is completed, let it run on for seconds to purge any debris in the system.


Fig12 Switch engine and ignition off. Having messed around with water injection systems a lot I really appreciate this gauge. Check all components are present in the box before commencing installation.

Aquamist Water Injection Cooling 2s IT CAN BE FIT WITH ANY CARS!!1 – مصر موتورز مجتمع السيارات

Vaiation1 – MF2 and Pressure switch check 2-D mapping only, ref. Water travelling through these grooves picks up a swirling motion before leaving the small hole on the tip, causing an atomising effect, turning the water into a fine mist: Tighten the blanking plug to the water valve manifold: Set the input gain potentiometer injectot 25Tmax.

Water pump should start immediately. This problem can be avoided if the manifold pressure switch setting is set just below the wastegate setting at imjector C rather at point B. Water can prevent the occurrence of these destructive conditions to occur and it s role can be explained in a few steps.

Clean and tighten the battery terminal connections.