Ditto the screen orientation feature, which is a nice touch but was too sensitive in our tests. Raon Digital Everun alternatives Tainell T , 5. RAON Digital’s Everun series is among the latest breed of UMPCs, flanking the touch-sensitive screen with a row of buttons and, most notably, a keyboard of sorts along the edge of the unit. Battery Life A rechargeable mAh li-ion battery with a runtime of up to 6 hours is included with the Everun. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Everun application performance testing video. Best Laptops for

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Raon Digital Click for Raon Digital products. Battery Life A rechargeable mAh li-ion battery with a runtime of up to 6 hours is included with the Everun. WiBrain B1L4. evdrun

Although OneNote was slow to load, we found the device responsive to stylus inputs and quite intuitive to use overall. Prices are very competitive and there’s a good range of accessories.

Raon Digital Everun Note reviews, photos, hands-on videos

Emulator – Gens plus. Power-saving toggle extends battery life. Although typing speeds are relatively decent for a thumboard, I find typing on the Everun to be uncomfortable because:. Two features I really like about the display are the automatic rotation and screen brightness adjustment. Furthermore, while the keyboard is certainly a fallback for those that remain jittery of a totally pen-based computer, the fact that every key — including space and enter — is exactly the same size makes the keyboard harder to use than it should be.


Best Laptops for Tried several emulators including the popular ones but was unable to get any of them to work correctly. Features RAON Digital clearly had the kitchen sink in mind when designing the Everun range, but must have decided it would have been too much of a power drain.

Sharp screen at native resolution. Here it is next to the Fujitsu U GPS is also included which enables an all-in-one navigation package. Read on for my full review. The tests were taken on a non-optimized factory-condition unit in which Windows and other programs are installed on the 6GB SSD.

In other words, the keys are quite small. Raon Digital Everun – First impressions. The Everun is about as compact as it can be without rendering the divital keyboard completely useless more on this later.

Wibrain have always been competitively priced too.

Raon Digital Everun S6S specifications and information.

Raon Digital Everun alternatives Tainell T5. Good thing automatic orientation can be disabled. I have chubby fingers and have no problems with it. Seven of them are double-mapped to serve as “hot keys” when used in conjunction with the Fn button on the side of the Everun. No information on the on-screen-keyboard at this stage. Raon Digital Everun alternatives Tainell T5.


Initial thoughts from a new Digitall owner.

We like the Everun! I was among those interested from the get-go and have just spent the past month with an Everun kindly supplied to me by Dynamism to find out just how many steps Raon Digital had taken away from the Vega. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Raon Digital Everun full review.

Wibrain B1 SJ4. The touch-pointer and keyboard help to make the learning curve short everuh the 1. The quality of YouTube and other online video playback is acceptable, though perhaps not always as smooth as a more powerful computer.

The result is a pleasing, effective unit whose effectiveness is only marred by a few design flaws.