The difference, of course, is that with the Si, you have to take your laptop with you. The scanner just gets the image. December 4, at 4: Should I try getting a new one or should I just give up on this whole ix scanner? Which one is better. Thanks for the speedy response Sam.

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January 22, at Is it necessary to get a desktop or will a laptop suffice if I save elsewhere?

September 25, at 6: Is such automation available with MS Office? This has been a very useful review.

ScanSnap Manager (VL10) Setup Program-S / SM – Fujitsu Global

After doing a little more research, seems like scanning the receipts, uploading to a service such as Shoebox, then connecting your software, in my case, Outright… to shoebox to attach those receipt images….

Guess I am demanding too much. June 20, at 7: Either that technology does not exist, or I am doing something wrong. The best way to organize digital files is basically the same way you organize paper files.


ScanSnap Manager (V5.5L10) Setup Program

Like most document scanners these days, the iX has an ultrasonic multi-feed detector. June 29, at 5: And, can I use this to scan and print photos and such? Just got mine today, largely because of your reviews. Ask your CPA or accountant what detail you need to go into. April 2, at March 12, at 1: Currently I scan documents to a shared folder on the server through a network connection.

You can install the ScanSnap software on all your computers. If you watch the video, you will see exactly how it works, but yes, you can share from the app to smapshot, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Software Downloads: ScanSnap S / SM – Fujitsu Global

February 6, at 6: February 20, at 8: This increase in speed was remarkable. When I use True Gray on my Brother scanner, scanned images from either color or grayscale hardcopy documents are rendered as high-quality, subtly gradated grayscale images.

Fujitsu put in the time to design the user experience to make ScanSnaps easy to use without sacrificing functionality. This may cause the ScanSnap to fail, malfunction or a1500 errors.


If you do, get the ScanSnap iX Then anyone can dump a pile of pages in the hopper, press the scan button, and go retrieve the documents from Dropbox. Failures, troubles, and damage of this product resulting from the use of consumables other than our genuine products are subject to repair fees even within the warranty period.

Final question, as of does the Evernote edition allow network use I saw this suggested elsewhere that is worth the sacrifice in flexibility? My law office, here i come!!! Fujtsu do you think would work best for me? Will the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX handle this? The software is what does the fancy tricks like this.

Thanks……That closes the deal….

Nuance is cheaper than the upgrade to Professional.