The colors may be off on the shaft bands or the graphics if the club has a graphite shaft. The genuine club on the right is reflecting the light much better than the counterfeit on the left. The overall finish and the fact that paint sometimes spills from the engraved lines marks it down as a clear impostor. Here is a link to a seller that you dont have to worry about http: Sorry, the quality of the English on the home page shrieks cheap chinese copy. May 4, Last active:

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Oddsocks Ryder Cup Winner Aug 5, It uow not until you see both of these Callaway Fusion Fairways next to one and other that you begin to see the slight differences between the counterfeit left and the genuine article right.

Counterfeit Ping G15 Hybrid • Golf Club Brokers Blog

G15 and lines on soles are thicker and deeper on counterfeit. Buyer beware but buyer also needs to be educated when buying online.

Thanks for the great advice on spotting Fake Pings. Verification increases the overall security of the PayPal network because most buyers prefer to do business with Verified sellers.

Be aware of fraudulent PING clubs. Font used will be slightly different or maybe a slightly different size. Headcovers are also counterfeited.


In this example the counterfeit club is on the left.

However the odd one does come through, but our team are quick to spot it — like they were wpot this Scotty Cameron Newport 2. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Counterfeit Golf Clubs

Posted February 23, Back to Deal or No Deal? Dake read in some posts here that the counterfeiters are using the legitimate serial numbers on counterfeits. Read the warning information posted on our site at http: Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. The team has been with us for years, they take genuine pride in being able to spot a fake — they have seen thousands of the genuine articles, and on the rare occasions when someone sends us a counterfeit having unwittingly bought it elsewhere it stands out like sore thumb.

Watch out for counterfeit Ping G15 drivers

Half moon on top is larger on counterfeit. The genuine is still fully stuck to the carbon insert. By Bigmiddy21Tuesday at Tiger’s back, what are you think for? Golf Club Brokers has been selling on eBay since with a Noticed spoh funny so he compared it with a G15 that pro shop has in stock.

One thing worth noting is that the fake club has had a serial number stamped into the hosel — so be warned — just because it has a serial number does not make it genuine!


Material used will be a different texture and firmness.

If held side by side hos an authentic club, it will be easy to identify the counterfeit golf club because of the inferior quality. They are happy to verify if the club serial numbers are real.

Counterfeit Head Details Putter Colors and fonts will be different just like on the irons and drivers above.

fake ping g15 irons? | Golf Monthly

FSG golf 4 Member Joined: The design of the grip may not match. I have them for 8 years or so. Surely this cant be right, would be grateful for any info, thank you in advance. It should be there near the loft Branding and lofts will be in a slightly different location on the club head. Alternatively you can call our expert team on to discuss any issues you may have.