What should I do? This process can take several minutes depending on the number of warranties being checked. Dear Bert, Thanks for the reply. I left the printer in that condition for quite some time, and when I returned my print-job was completed. The print is rather black in the upper left corner but then fades out to light blue both horizontally and vertically. HP does not sell that part. But it won’t scan it.

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Instead of reinstalling the software, I put in new cartridges. I’ve cleaned everything to no avail.

HP PSC 2110 All-in-One Printer series

Connect the computer-printer cable when the program tells you to. Open the printer as if you are going to change the cartridges, then release the latches on the left and right and the scanner will rotate upward and lift off. The carriage rod may need to be lubricated.

Color cartridge has not been replaced. I see several posts on this topic, but have yet to come across a solution that works. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Your theory on Carriage jam. I have had this printer for at least 2 years now.

Thanks for the tip It can be seen through the glass with a flashlight. The color cartridge will eventually run out of ink, even if it is not used, because a small amount of ink pcs2110 used when the cartridges are primed prior to printing.


# – vertical edges of scanned documents cut off–HP PCS – Debian Bug report logs

Choose a different product series. I live in Africa and I have no access to parts but I will do whatever I can to replace it. Tech support was no help and wanted me to trade it in out of warranty for a refurb upgrade unit. Only in my situation the scanner head keep scrolling to the far right side making a rateling sound.

I’ve put new cartridges in just in case there was an issue there with no success. I followed the instructions on the automatically printed page but in the last step scan pattern an error occurs.

keep having to reload software for HP all in one printer

After a while the printing application reports that the document was not properly printed. If the strip is installed correctly, it will not be deflected when the carriage moves. The voltage should marked on the power supply somewhere.

Sprig, Although I’m sure you’ve figured it out or have bought a new printer by now, here is how to fix your problem.

I’ve seen several people that have had the same problem with thieras i do. Can anyone tell me how to change pccs2110 default from “Normal” to “Fast Quality” Thanks.


The ph continues to flash, “Remove and Check Cartidge” with the yellow print, fax, scan, and copy buttons all flashing simultaneously. Product sold by third party: This is a normal behaviour though it takes slighty longer timer: Is this an issue with the aforementioned encoder strip? This product has been exchanged for a new or refurbished product.


If so, I hate to have to keep replacing full cartridges with newer full cartridges just for the privilage of scanning and sending faxes! Although my guess is it was the cartridge cleaning.

On mine, even when it’s in the correct spot, it seems to not know it because it tries to keep pulling the head over even though it’s as far right as it can go. Use the uninstaller that came on the original driver disk. It’s pca2110 total piece of crap. Pfs2110 can’t see any paper jamming the carriage, but of course, I can’t see behind it. Since the printer has been disabled for some time, I have had to buy a new one not HP!