There are no major differences like performance or feature. Now click on Manage Contents… in this tab. The SQL Server can only use an index if the parameter data type and the index data type are compatible. In general the risk of a deadlock increases with the performance of the driver. The JDBC url is wrong. Only instances of org.

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OTHER for this data types. The SQL server 7. Change the data type of the table and the mode that the table values have a equals or opha precedence. You can test your JVM with: Products Reporting Software Solution. Both solutions are for a standalone application. Currently you try to get a third connection.

The otpa is limited to two connections. You can get bytes from a timestamp field that can be read with the methods getBytes, getString or getBinaryStream. The driver is limited to 2 connections for all clients. The SQL Server 6. And profilers do slow down Java components much more than native components.


It needs to be an existing character converter of your JVM. Deadlocks can occur if you do not commit a transaction. You need to call Transaction. No, you cannot get a java timestamp from a timestamp column of the SQL server. This work only with SQL Server since version 6.

It is not compatible with SQL Server 6. With the SQL Server 7.

Connection Object Methods

The problem is a function of:. If everything is fine you get this messages.

If you have purchased the driver then you have not replace the driver correctly. You need to change the subprotocol in your source code sample PooledDriver. Simply click on the right button of the combo box and select the Driver DataSource you have created before.

This protocol might be a little slower than inetdea7 if the SQL Server has no index olta. The driver is not in the classpath. For example to change to a non pooled DataSource. An updateable ResultSet was only create with executeQuery. Click Next and again Next.


Connection Pooling with i-net OPTA, i-net MERLIA and i-net SEROPTO

You use this mode because you use the JDBC subprotocol inetdae or inetdea6. The driver checks the required JDBC 2.

You can use the pool manger i-net Plexa sample WithPoolManager. The message text can vary with different Java VM’s com. More information can be found in the file Manual. If there are already connections established to the SQL Ppta then the problem could occur, that too many threads request a connection at the same time; the socket connection request queue of the SQL Server is ner. This driver not include a Transaction Mananager. Products Reporting Software Solution.