It will warn you that the driver is not meant for your exact hardware; dismiss it and allow it to proceed. Update of the Guide start post Fri Aug 30, Put your XP install cd in a folder. Just I say almost, I don’t need it work for every laptop. Personally, I recommend the non-registry method if you can get away with it.

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I also inserted all possible drivers for the specific computer Dell Optiplex as provided by Dell and AMD for the video card. Any way it says the the location doesn’t contain information for that hardware.

Processing with nLite This is what you should do: Prototyped Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: Just repair installed after upgrading my hardware today, so would like to avoid another if possible. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Run nLite and point to the directory where you have copied the OS source.

Why don’t you tell us which motherboard model you haveand we can tell you which driver to use.

Forum – [Guide] Integration of Intels AHCI/RAID drivers into a Windows XP/W2k3/W2k CD

Have a look into your mainboard manual to wundows the exact name of your S-ATA Controller and search for it within the list. Wait, and you’ll be prompted to reboot. Extract this to get the 2 files iaAHCI.


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read wineows understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. When I uncheck Show compatible Hardware the only appropriate models appear to be: Tito Show info Posts:.

I finally bit the bullet and did make use of the custom XP home CD. The 2 file should be in the root folder of your BartPE disc either in a folder or as separate files, depending on how you included them in the PE Builder. Windows is loaded again and this time everything should be ready. Or can you make a file which compatible with allmost laptop.

There’s no need to be so antagonistic. Solve Windows logon problems. Simply installing the driver before switching it over isn’t enough either, since Windows hasn’t seen the device to be able to bind the driver to it. After windowe second driver install, Windows does not ask for a reboot.

Just I say almost, I don’t need it work for every laptop. Zitat von elisw im Beitrag 10 all drivers have been installed automatically bar one “serial PCI port” I’m still trying to find ich10d driver for. Then wait for completion and click “Next”:.


Still I’d like to post the steps I followed since there are some differences and it may be helpful for some other people.

How To Change Disk Controller Mode From IDE to AHCI Without Reinstalling Windows XP

Put your XP install cd in a folder. Didn’t have to do anything, it just worked in AHCI mode.

We receive spam notifications and will take immediate action! Try to reflash your BIOS to the latest version.

Installing Windows XP With F6 AHCI/RAID Drivers From USB Only

Some motherboards have multiple SATA controllers. You didn’t even provide the motherboard model. Since there are no Intel AHCI drivers available, which ich1r0 do support old Windows Operating Systems and the latest Intel chipsets simultaneously, you have to integrate a modded Intel textmode driver. Sep 9, Posts: The process is explained in detail in this article. Ah, that’s probably how they’re named then.