Weighted base for stability. Configuration VOX switching sets priorities for each input. Integral metal-loss compensation device. By using the appropriate input adaptor or preamplifier the ILDDC will accept multiple additional inputs or audio inputs from other sources:. Vox switching may be configured to prioritise the first microphone input.

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Suitable for use on larger vehicles such as minibuses and yachts where the CLD1 has insufficient coverage, the ILDDC is identical to the ILD in every respect, including physical size, output performance and input flexibility, except it is operated from V DC.

Repairs found to contravene these conditions may be subject to a further charge plus shipping and handling fees. Many commercially available systems do not deliver sufficient voltage to reproduce critical high frequencies — ask us for more details.

Please check these assumptions and contact Ampetronic for advice if required:. The ILDDC audio induction loop driver is in a class of its own, designed for mobile applications including boats, minibusses, small public transport vehicles and mobile homes.

Their frequency response ensures intelligibility for the hearing aid user, essential for extended periods of listening, or where there is any musical output in the signal.

ILDDC Audio Induction Loop Driver

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Both AC and DC powered models are offered including designs which may be used free-standing or wall mounted, and a model which may be rack-mounted with optional accessories. Low impedance speaker line. There is a character limit. Warranty Ampetronic offer a full five-year warranty on all products manufactured by them effective from date of shipment, provided the equipment has been used exclusively for the intended purpose and has not been modified, altered, used in an inappropriate manner or repaired by a non-authorised person.

Integral metal-loss compensation device.

Temporarily out of stock. When maximum current output is required the ILD can drive. For any Induction Loop System, area coverage is dependent on several factors. WML-1U wall mount bracket.

The RM-1U is a single-unit rack-mounting tray which will take up to four Ampetronic devices, depending on width, or blanking plates. All Ampetronic amplifiers can be used to create a system that meets the requirement of ENperformance to EN indution the relevant recommendations of BS When lpop below maximum outpuit, the ILDDC can drive longer cable lengths — contacts us for more details. Maximum cable length is dependent on cable type and on the application.

ILD100 DC small vehicle, VOX switching loop driver

There are very few product exceptions see www. Ampetronic can supply an extensive range of additional accessories for installation — discuss your requirements with our sales team and we will provide materials and equipment to suit your application.

The loop is m above or below the receiver height There are no metal structures in the plane of the loop There is sufficient voltage to drive the cable length — check table below. With appropriate loop array designs, the loop drivers can also be used in areas of high metal losses, and for adjacent rooms or confidential environments where interference or spill-over must be avoided.


If you require auduo options, please contact Support for specification or supply of a microphone to suit your application. The loop drivers are designed to be used with simple, single-turn loop installations. Preset controls are provided for sensitivity of the two microphones and line inputs, drive current and tone.

UP datasheet ILD lo res. Freestanding or wall mounted, the ILDDC is the obvious choice for smaller installations such as video conference rooms, private homes, TV rooms, nursing homes, receptions and waiting rooms. Front panel recessed gain control. Ordered on demand, cancellations may incur charges. ILD Loop Driver – AC powered The ILD is designed to cover loop areas from very small loops up to square areas of square metres, or rectangular areas of over square metres.

By using the appropriate input adaptor or preamplifier the ILDDC will accept multiple additional inputs or audio inputs from other sources:. The brackets attach to the base of the units, and have key-hole slots to mount the equipment parallel to a vertical service. It may be used free-standing or wall-mounted using holes provided on rear panel. Vox switching may be configured to prioritise the first microphone input. AKG manufactured hypercardioid boundary microphone 43 x 23mm footprint.