Also, if you are not using the TL, try getting one at Radio Shack. And with the other mods I suggested you might find something you like. It is great as a mid-gain pedal. Do you already have an account? The TL is a TL with a higher noise spec. No, create an account now.

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I think the key for the decals was letting it sit on the pedal for 24 hours before clearcoating. Jan 24, The change from 10uF to 1uF tantalum could influence the tone a little.

BucksearsJan 23, Also, if you are not using the TL, try getting one at Radio Shack. Do you already have an account?

Any Fulltone OCD fans?

I’m still looking for a local electronics shop in the eastern PA area, still no luck. So, changing the IC might have some impact.

Plus the build instructions are really nice too. If I didn’t already have half a dozen od pedals on the go, that one would be near the top of the ‘to try out’ list.


mabdean There’s lots of build reports and other info for both here: The gain is pretty usable from 7: Hmm, well having built this one a couple of times, and having owned ver. When I listened back to it later, I was like “yeah You can try lowering the value of C8 to 22n.

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Also found a fulltone document that said the output cap was changed from 10uf to 1uf eego. I am going to try swapping the op amp for something a little more hi-fi and see if that helps. KindaFuzzyJan 25, Anyone else have opinions? To be honest, I’ve never actually tried an OCD as a boost. It certainly doesn’t hurt, but you won’t miss it.

Any Fulltone OCD fans? |

Ive done a bunch of his projects from his boards. Brian, who runs the site, is a total class act of a guy. Jan 24, 5. You could try a few other opamps if you have them handy. Why do I do this to mabean I socketed C7 since I’ve built the circuit before with a 1uF cap, but I get pretty much the same results with either 1 uF or 10uF.


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Okay, now I know you are just trying to mess with me. I checked for possible traces on the board and took care of some places that looked like they could be the problem. A lost shipment will be re-shipped one time only at no charge to the customer. Any help or madbexn is appreciated. It was a pretty tight fit getting the board in there.

Eggo bit more challenging but I’m not busy today. Share This Page Tweet. All orders and donations are processed via Paypal. I’ve never heard of this DIY page before!

Looks like your voltages are okay on the IC.