Wed Nov 11, 7: Meanwhile, we’ll all just have to be patient. I try that but there is something we didn’t consider. Is there any solution available apart from throwing away an ESI card? Using Vista Home Premium.

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Ego Systems AUDIOTRAK MAYA USB / (Maya 44 USB) Sound Card | eBay

However, I did a test using Rightmark. If you have a 5.

Here can I change settings for channels, samplerate, resolution, system performance. Keep the GUI, give me features. I use a dual audik mixer. After the installation, MAYA 44 had the same problem. I wish I could send one deck to each different channel. I have two ESI maya 44 pci cards. But both suggestions I made are valid for any of them.

A link to the latest drivers can asip found on the common device drivers page. I agree on all of the concerns above.


IRQ sharing might be one possible cause on Windows, you can check this through system device manager Have you already checked tuning tips: If someone finds a solution to this problem. Click on the Performances tab and choose the following: Tue Sep 13, Not with windows 7! I appreciate it much! Of course, but I would like to use more maya444 2 channels.

I play my Jingles in Sound FX.

DVDdoug on I use my computer for my work. As DVDdoug already mentioned, low latency is mainly needed for recording purposes.


Rogier van den Berg, The Netherlands. I switched ram i had extra laying around – different brand of ram. USB and Firewire audio interfacea seems to be quite sensitive for realtime changes when it comes samplerate and buffer size in question.

No I haven’t yet, but will now.

Download ESI MAYA44 USB Audio Interface ASIO Driver for Mac OS .

Maya4 almost 4 minutes that this proccess lasts, the sound was perfect! I use two different setups both through USB. The sound card which is onboard, indeed has a digital output. Today I try to install Windows 7 32 bit on a new hard disk of the same machine. Page 1 of 2. External Mixer Sound card s: I’m very curious to know.


Just a few words like “maybe your IRQ are not correct – some incompatibility with the motherboard We can’t access you via team-viewer First, check your cable connections – You should have: