The Philips patent claims a “method of treating substrates, in which the latter are immersed for some time in a bath containing a liquid and are then taken therefrom so slowly that practically the whole quantity of liquid remains in the bath. Request more information from a dealer near you. The court may not determine the credibility of witnesses, and it may not “substitute its choice for that of the jury between conflicting elements of the evidence. The specification explains that two factors in the patented method help produce dry wafers. Second, Steag argues that as the IPA vapor contacts the rinsing fluid, a layer of IPA condenses into liquid form on the surface of the rinsing fluid. Number of Employees Upto 10 People. Okugi Lift Systems GmbH.

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Free MP3 of the Day Argy can move a dance floor of sweaty bodies with house music without resorting to the microrech syncopated beats that often have wailing house divas behind them. Next, the dryer introduces a gaseous mixture that is 2. More Product Information Below.

CFMT, Inc. v. Steag Microtech, Inc., 14 F. Supp. 2d (D. Del. ) :: Justia

Pro Co Sound, Inc. A method microtecn to claim 1 wherein said drying vapor is purged from said surfaces by introducing a dry, inert, non-condensable gas after replacement of said rinsing fluid. Steag claims that this is an admission by CFMT that a process that allows the presence of a liquid layer is different than the process disclosed in the ‘ patent.


The Rodel press release states that the system takes kicrotech “to complete dryness. CFMT offered the testimony of McConnell and Walter, micrtech each testified that they did not develop the direct displacement method until the summer of On the top of the chart, it indicates that Walter was introducing the IPA to the chamber at a pressure of 22 to 30 pounds per square inch, and then reducing it to very low pressure.

NewHank Quality AV products. Even if the ‘ patent is not prior art, the court finds that CFMT’s disclosure of the ‘ patent made the other publications immaterial.

Gyration, a Movea Brand. Shenzhen Infiled Electronics Co. Data Light Tech Co. Shenzhen Elnor Optoelectronic Technology Co.

MicroTech Memory Stick CamerMate Overview – CNET

For effective utilization of compressed air, it has to be clean. The court has kicrotech considered these arguments in the context of Steag’s motion for judgment as a matter of law on each of the issues litigated at trial. Data Light Tech Co. If so, any disclosure of the other publications would be cumulative and immaterial, and thus CFMT’s conduct in the prosecution of the ‘ patent was not inequitable.

Roger Carolin testified that the drying step is a fundamental part of any cleaning process, and that the ‘ patent is the most important patent that CFMT owns.

Misc Sep 13, First, CFMT introduced Steag’s financial reports that reveal millions of dollars in sales of equipment using the Marangoni drying process.


The facts relevant to willfulness are relatively simple.

Mueller found that the Marangoni dryer does not infringe, and wrote a letter stating this opinion mivrotech June 30, Kunshan Hongie Electronics Co.

The jury was entitled to consider all relevant factors. As to Steag’s argument that CFMT has not shown a sufficient nexus between the drying technology and the Full Flow’s commercial success, the court disagrees.

Raghavan similarly testified that he did not believe that the “directly displaces” language precludes a dryer that uses the Marangoni effect from infringing the ‘ patent’s claims. Interactive Voting System bv.

Moore Medical is now McKesson

GWS Technology shenzhen Co. Great Lakes Plastics, Inc. Conventionally, semiconductor wafers were dried by the use of a spin-rinser-dryer, which uses centrifugal force to throw water off of the wafers. Finally, the jury found that Steag failed to show that the ‘ patent is unenforceable due to inequitable conduct.

Leurocom electronic displays Microtecu. At trial, Steag’s sales numbers from the sale of Marangoni dryer became a point of dispute between the parties. Steag argues that, even if the asserted claims of the ‘ patent are not anticipated, they were obvious to those skilled in the art at the time that CFMT applied for its patent in April