A capacity crowd of 45, in Ramat Gan Stadium saw right wing Giora Spiegel boot in the only goal on an yard kick at the mlnute mark. Gold and white metal base; white globe font; white shade with gold trim. Easton will be happy to assist you in developing your personal financial program, whether large or small. This is doing things the hard way. On the bright side of tiie picture, he said, was the fact that Esquimalt had the lowest property taxes In Greater Victoria, and the smallest per- capita of any municipality in B. Mas, for the first million years of his existence, was probably as Incapable of waging 4var as his non-hnman fellow creatures. Scott, with other moderates, criticized the administration for concentrating on all-out defeat of the Gore plan and not embracing a compromise offered by Republican Senator Charles H.

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Their nerves are on edge, and they are easily moved to massacre “enemy” civilians, on the chance that these may be members of a resistance movement who will kill the foreign soldiers If these do not kill them first.

Fabrics were mostly wools, silk crepes and some linens. FREE with purchase of tecj or more gallons. UU Matching Half Slip sm.

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Audain, great grandson of Robert Duns- muir; Mrs. Two eye-witnesses, one s rfkb-223a airlines pilot, said they saw one of the plane’s four jet engines fall from the aircraft before the Boeing suddenly lost altitude and plunged into the ocean with an explosion. Far Jim Askey and partner Gordon Davies he got six chlnoofe from four to 16 pounds In less than four hours off the kelp bed In the bay, using anchovies for bait.


I ; know she’s there. Position of Renter Principal Issue Victoria: Whichever B choose, you’ll have to hurry. Scott Wallace defeated him by three votes in A soldier is supposed to wound and kill only fellow soldiers, and to continue to obey the peace-time rules in his treatment of civilians who happen x4 be subjects of the government with whom the soldier’s own government la at war. M Watt of Toronto, and R. Leighton said in his letter he wants to be rfkb-2a to the Oak Bay police commission and was seeking labor’s support.

I tried this rfib-23a but it somehow did not work. The devastation of the countryside: In practice, Ottawa and the winces now make income Prime examples are family allowances and old age pensions.

Mock turtleneck styling with jacquard front. Layered front has mock turtle Insert. I The total of 29 oompares with the previous recent high of 23 esses reported test July.

Mexei, 15, of Vancouver, B. Not all the aldermanic candidates’ discussion centred on criticism of past moves and fear of more of the same, however. I have information there I need. The users per default rfbk-23a no access to their machines and only certen oprations among that to install software are allowed.


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Bonner resigned from the was still attorney-general, he Social Credit government in 1 said. Beyond that, they declined to try to forecast any fields of conflict between the two now-identical pension plans.

This seems to be very unfair. Flashbulbs Photo Albums 98c up Automatic heat control lor frying, cooking, sauteing. For the last S. The Communist leadership therefore has ordered its three-pronged campaign. The bitterness of a deserted woman.

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In the eame period, government representatives Mexican Immigration stayed at have 1 n d 1 c s t e d that unless about 40, Jean-Marie Beauchemin, assistant rkb-23a minister of education, and Yvon Cote, assistant deputy minister of communications.

Nor would you believe what happened concerning t h e e e uma two individual! In my last column- we were discussing the growing of houseplanta from seed.