For a long time this bug didn’t exist, but it seems to have re appeared? When going through the suspend resume debugging steps listed in step 4 i get this output when trying to suspend the computer. Taruga, are you working on your own audio drivers now?! What about adding an affected package? Sign in with Twitter. On Fri, Mar 14, at 6: Or sign in with one of these services.

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Note, the errrors are false, since the suspend did work correctly.

But alx862 problem here is that Ubuntu ships with a version of gnome-power-manager that is no longer developed upstream, so they won’t consider our bugs. Please report so we can close it.

None, the status of the bug is updated manually. If ‘sudo -s’ got the right password and you are admin sudoereverything should go right I have a Dell Latitude D laptop which also will hibernate immediately after waking from suspend with Gutsy.

HDA codec graphing tool

On Thu, Mar 13, at 1: Other information Unofficial wiki. I have sound output on wrong jack i. Unable to set system clock. Johan Cockx johan-sikanda wrote on Any news on this bug?


Thanks Taruga for the patience to put up with so many noobs and sloth driven people, like myself, for the hard – unpaid – work, for all the unslept nights, and lost meals. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

I can confirm the experience of Justin: So, you can imagine how difficult to work on MacOS even on Linux must patch alsa Posted September 2, Stereo Digital Node 0x20 [Audio Input] wcaps 0x Taruga, are you working on your own audio drivers now?!

Permission denied Wrong chipset detected. So tell me what is the reason of existence toshiba forums then? This problem has been solved. ALSA has the following significant features:. As i told, one of possible things that can fix the problem is upgrade firmware, we do not speak about what firmware, so i thing, was thinking that sound card firmware.

Could you generate a GPM log for both alc8862 the scenarios one with it on and one with it off. Peter de Kraker peterdekraker wrote on First of all there is NO sound card firmware.


It looks to me like it is registering an error, but I don’t see linnux trying to hibernate. I will note that previous versions of GNOME used to have a “Sleep type” option on the General tab to select suspend or hibernate, but that has gone missing even in Feisty. I wish I could help to interpret the code, but it’s way beyond my perception.

No volume controls and no sound. Thanks a lot in advance.

AppleHDA Solution – Work in progress – Page 87 – AppleHDA – InsanelyMac Forum

Could you to solve this hardware problems, and Ubuntu Gutsy kernel 2. The other thing is alsa project released new version v1. Do you do this often?