Log in Don’t have an account? The Windows 7 driver isn’t installing for me; after this window: Of course that x. Does it still have a registry? Archived from the original on I have a ati and man was I dissapointed. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

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We are hopeful that at least the game tests we are looking at won’t present us with any problems.

The addition in Catalyst 8. I notice how they don’t really delve into details to well here. I do wonder if this is any good. Maybe this will help out, http: All of these options have been removed except for OpenGL triple buffering, which has been rolled into the “All Settings” menu option it’s at the very bottom.

We haven’t run into anything that used to work being broken this time around, but the night is young, as they say.

The new ATI drivers are out. After doing that you must delete the am from around the installer name. I’m still having some issues in my media encoder tests with ATI hardware in my i7 test bed.


ATI Catalyst Display Driver 8.12 for Windows Vista 32-bit

During capturing, ATI Avivo amplifies the source, automatically adjust its brightness and contrast. Add comment Guest Facebook Twitter Your name: Office should install fine too. Software modifications have made it possible to use version 1. Performance gains were noticed on all Radeon HD series. Of course that x.

Until this driver, using ATI graphics hardware in a Core i7 system was unstable and buggy, especially in non-Intel X58 boards.

Does it still have a registry? For us, Catalyst 8. Current technologies and software.

ATI Releases Windows 7 Preview Driver and ATI Catalyst Hotfix | TechPowerUp

We had afi that unless most if not all of our outstanding issues were resolved we would recommend that anyone who wanted the latest Intel hardware stay very far away from AMD video cards. That is as far as I have gotten so far with them. ATI Stream ajd harnesses the tremendous processing power of the graphics processing unit GPU for high-performance, data-intensive computations over a wide range of scientific, business and consumer applications.

Can I play my games and install my office for like word exc. All I did was download the installer, right click on it and go to Properties and then click the permissions tab. Creative Sound Blaster Ai sound card review Good sound for those who are not satisfied with the onboard solution. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This should all be much easier now that we have these drivers in our hands.


I’ve been using Catalyst 8. Any benches for the hotfix in Vista?

GPU Transcoding Throwdown: Elemental’s Badaboom vs. AMD’s Avivo Video Converter

Is this a new 8. Log in Don’t have an account?

Supports following video cards: The stability and performance issues we noticed on Nehalem systems have been improved. A few random fixes have also worked their way into this release.

Also if the reviews are right it doesn’t use the gpu. In the 3D menu on the left side in the Advanced view, the last option on the list “More Settings” used to be miscellaneous options for toggling z depth, texture compression and triple buffering with OpenGL.