Better yet, how do the CR-V3s compare with other battery types that you have used? This compares to about 11 hours with the same battery in the PN I have been reading as much as I can, and now getting overloaded! My first PN sucked down a set of alkalines in about 2 hours, so they sent me a new unit right aaway. This is my third one and definately the most complicated.

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Figure about 6 hours continuous on a good set of rechargeables the LiOn batteries are supposed to be much better. Is the PN limited to caches as well?

Now begins the weird part… 1. The number one reason anyone might consider the DeLorme PN is because of the maps.

DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 Handheld

Once you download them you can move them around with Explorer on your computer, but if you move them after you have created a project you will get an error message. I like the ease of the t with the touch screen and user friendliness, but I like the abilities that the PN has. Pn is supposed to be better. Users can also keep track of nautical charts.


If you are looking for a gps that has auto estimate time of arrival in real drlorme speed the p does not delrome this feature.

Briefly turned on screen and delormd went blank. Or am I just not able to view it because I have not subscribed to the service or something like that? Keven – December 5th, Thanks again Tom – April 2nd, Third knock, the pb-40 for the USB cable are exposed. I took waypoints at each corner of my house which is indeed a rectangle but one side was shown as about 15 feet longer than the opposite, parallel side. I thought the PN came pre loaded with more maps than the others I had looked at.

I live near a milllitary installation on the mainland and I know that portions of that installation are greyed out on local maps. Laurie, While it is correct that you can now download the 1: It will usually get a fix from a cold start in less than 45 seconds, so I just turn it on when I need to get a fix.

DeLorme PN-40

delprme This week, I have been conducting battery life tests with it. I typically put it in track mode and let it track my path.

I think youlose some resolution when you put the imagery on the GPS, but it is still great for field work. Robert – February 25th, Thankyou again Laurie – March 27th, Steve Crowley – February 15th, Removed Lithiums and tested with Multi-tester.


It is like looking at a picture of a topo map, except that they are seamless so if the area you dowlnload covers several paper topo maps it will simply look like one big map.

However, pressing enter at that point did not power it down.

DeLorme PN GPS Review

Shopzilla Opt Out We make no guarantees regarding advice or accuracy of product specifications. James – February 16th, Put Eneloops back in.

They are designed to work efficiently with the GPS. See my post on Nov 20th on managing battery life. Nobody in the market today comes close to the availability of rich map options in a rock solid handheld GPS.

Tim – January 5th,