Based on the Ophir controller chip. Intel DH61ZE desktop motherboard. Prices may vary for other package types and shipment quantities, and special promotional arrangements may apply. Intel V Ethernet controller. Fulcrum Microsystems via Businesswire.

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List of Intel codenames

Successor to the Haswell microarchitecture. Please refer to the Launch Date for market availability.

Either named after Colusa, California or after Colusa County of which this city is the seat. Atom E series processors, aimed at embedded applications. The G models have integrated GMA graphics. Kiefer is Yiddish for ” pine tree ” and a Jewish surname.

Products formerly Arrandale

Each component implemented two bits of a processor function; packages could be processod to build a processor with any desired word length. Reference unknown; see Allendale disambiguation for possibilities.

Intel DH67GD desktop motherboard. Possibly cancelled or renamed.


Itanium 2the fifth-generation Itanium. Vanderpoola small settlement in Bandera County, Texas. Intel DH67CF desktop motherboard.

List of Intel microprocessors – Wikipedia

Intel DP55WB desktop motherboard. Pentium Pro MHz. Retrieved from ” https: Intel DXBK desktop motherboard. Reference unknown; see Jayhawk disambiguation for possibilities.

For various meanings see Dempsey. Reference unknown; see Lindenhurst disambiguation for possibilities. Merced River or Lake MercedCalifornia. Intel ACNX four-socket server motherboard. Successor to Salt Creek. Intel x86 microprocessors Computer-related introductions in List of Intel microprocessors.

Based on the Tylersburg chipset and supporting the Xeon and series processors Gainestown and Gulftown. ColleyvilleTexas, USA. Xeon E7 series CPUs, aimed at dual-socket servers.

Based on the EB controller chip Oplin. Embeds an i core. Intel DH61WW desktop motherboard. Intel EB Ethernet controller. Also called White Swan.

Intel DEFV desktop motherboard. Itanium 2, the third-generation Itanium but still called Itanium 2.