It’s still valid for FreeBSD 6. I have also disabled tso4 and vlanhwtso. Nehalem, kvm64 and qemu64 failed. In particular, we’ve seen very dramatic improvements in firewalled environments using the Mryicom “Throttle” option. Crashes after “setting tty flags” – Jaco van der Schyff 4. While it’s the default, lnc driver is the worst network driver for your virtual machine.

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In particular setting interrupt coalescing can to help throughput a great deal:.

Index of /freebsd/head/sys/dev/e1000

Only tested single processor, disabling mpbios wasn’t required but did reduce host CPU usage, as did disabling USB either via guest kernel config at boot time or via omitting -usb flag. Org can use the generic “vmware” display driver which is included in the default X.

Install from CD works, but then you e100 do the following at the next boot prompt: Use virtio-block for disk and virtio-net for network. Furthermore it supports TCP segmentation offload TSO on all adapters but those based on the ingel, and controller chips. Also see the Mellanox ConnectX-3 Tuning page. This driver supports hardware assisted VLANs.


For a detailed discussion, see this Slashdot thread on jails vs VMWare. Comment 3 Kaho Toshikazu Discussion View source History. Did you find the information on this site useful? Consider disabling VMWare internal memory swapping and make the virtual machine fit intwl in the physical memory of the host for best performance.

Failure resetting PHY” but networking seems to still work. The default value is 0, since adapters may hang with this feature e10000 enabled.

Use 64bit guest instead. You might also want to use very low values for kern. Retrieved from ” https: All hardware require- ments listed apply to use with FreeBSD.

Myricom Performance Tuning Guide. Create account Log in. General tips Don’t use a virtual machine for network-heavy workloads.

Index of /freebsd/head/sys/dev/e

To fix this, to the following: Don’t use a virtual machine for network-heavy workloads. Attachments Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc.

Thus, you’ll have to configure and compile a custom kernel with device lnc replaced with device le. Increasing the number of descriptors can improve performance dramatically on some hosts.


IntelĀ® Network Adapter Gigabit Base Driver for FreeBSD*

Used Windows settings for guest installation. The default value is for adapters newer thanand for older ones.

Failure resetting PHY” but networking works fine. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the frerbsd disclaimer. Guest machine-type set to pc Installed on standard IDE driver. Chelsio also provides a script called ‘perftune.

Do not load emm