The browser version you are using is not recommended for this site. Could this be because it’s through the docking station? Given the info you posted, it looks like you have the Mobile 4 and the link I provided is to that. Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. Figure 3 Figure 3: Display options as seen on the Windows XP Desktop. You’ll probably have to find the make and model number of the adapter and google it, looking for where to download the drivers or software for it.

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Did you find this information useful? This forum says that some dell ” optiplexes come with cards that allow you to do this.

[SOLVED] Having 2 monitors [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Even browsing might be a pain. Right-click the Desktop to access the Graphics Options menu. Just a note to myself: This forum discussion suggests that with the right type of splitter, you may be able to span to the second monitor?


Leave your existing monitor as-is. It’s this docking station: The device that cannot support the full resolution is panned. I don’t see an ubuntu logo at the top.

برامج تشغيل الرسوميات لأطقم الشرائح Intel® Q35 Express

Read some of the mail archives here: Display options can also be chosen from the Desktop. Could be the dock. This is an example of a working xorg.

Some interesting config needed for w.

The 2nd part of the driver is the xorg framebuffer driver must be configured to drive this device. Virtually any low-end video card available should be able to handle a basic dual-monitor setup. How can I make dual monitors work?

The ubuntu classic is an odd, non standard thing, and I can’t find “System”. Xual Foundation support at http: First I did the xorg.

Timings and resolutions for these two images can be different. DisplayLink in next to last line!

I’m selecting “extend my windows desktop onto this monitor”, and hitting “Apply”, but each time I do that, it unchecks the box and doesn’t apply the setting. The Bus Device I believe you need two video outputs on your video card. For example, two devices can be driven independently with different content, resolutions, and color depth to increase desktop space.


Each can have a different refresh rate, color depth, and resolution for optimum display on each device. External Release Note Software Package: I amended the post.

The first part of this has detailed steps.

seeing double – dualmonitor | Ask MetaFilter

Don’t know if there is support. The middle panel lists a lot of OS. Then again, if it’s a typical splitter, the infel are right – that’s all it will do.

One version works with Ubuntu and the other one does not have it listed.