But like I said, I’m pretty sure the volume is muted. Where can I find this magic number I looked into the source code of ffado, but I found nothing helpful Realtime mode with jack does not require an rt kernel, but it will help you with latency compared to the generic. I’ve read through these forum posts several times, and each time it seems like many have had far better luck than I. If I just type the commands in a terminal I get no reply. Unless you enjoy this kind of tinkering, I would not advise you spend any more time on this issue. About the way to install drivers, please refer to my previous post:

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BCD parsing failed Failed to download firmware no message buffer overruns. So I have to do the whole booting back into Win then back again and it works.

M-audio audiophile firewire driver for Ubuntu

I can also confirm that jackd is working both with the command line configuration and when initiated through qjackctl.

It’s based on r The Audiophile is not a device that works m-ajdio of the box. Maybe I broke it just right?


Which device should I specify, hw: Here’s how yo upload firmware to the device anyway:. Have you set up jack with real time privileges?: So what you do is to get logs from ‘ffado-dbus-server’.


Number of channels command failed send oops send oops send oops send oops send oops send oops send oops send oops send oops send oops send oops ALSA driver for some firewire devices. I’ve also tried to boot windows first into 1 fw port, then boot gentoo onto the other port, but no luck that route, although i can see windows in gscan bus as well.

Thats right about the lack of kernels in Can’t play mediaplayer and surf the net together, the processor loads go through the roof. Hi Daniel, I notice that I cannot help you without enough logs with which I can realize what happens.

[ubuntu-studio-devel] ALSA firewire drivers

Currently PulseAudio fails to detect devices which my drivers supports. Pieter is not aware of a way to turn the volume up.

Of cource, testers can reject it. I tested both fw and usb modes of the card. But I still don’t hear anything, and jack option Duplex, or Playback, doesn’t change anything. Fix wrong label for 16 bits Raw Fireiwre data https: October 9th, 4. And this time I have tried to capture audio and it works.


I was able to confirm that the headphone volume works through the ProjectMix hardware when listening to random noise.

Try in following steps: Hi Matt, May 05 Hi, thanks for this driver. ProjectMix [ProjectMix], device 0: I admit that I don’t know the difference between “hw: I’ll provide any logs or output that you would find useful.

Data rate for MIDI substream’ in this post: Unable to locate package linux-headers-rt. You may need to manually set the channel on the receiving node.

Unsigned 8 bit, Rate Hz, Channels 8 arecord: UFX -c 16 I expected you receive ‘Available formats’ output 2.