The modded driver has to be digitally signed by a trustworthy person or Company. There’s no need to disable MSI for the whole kernel, one can fix this applying appropriate flags to a forcedeth module see comment By the way, I’ve been upgrading to newer 2. You suggest to leave on 2. Spam Netiquette Form other This post contains unwanted Spam.

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Forum – NVIDIA: Optimized nForce Driverpacks for Vista/Win

Right now I’m downloading Linux kernel 2. So instead of hacking defaults for everybody, the remaining issues really should be fixed in the forcedeth driver, which should somehow detect which hardware works with current defaults and which hardware requires special settings.

And are there some that get 1 for one if them with the driver making use of that. I eneded up somehow killing the networkmanager process and perserved my internet connection.

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Its really terrible, to switch between Ubuntu and Windows. It is highly recommended to disable the automatic Windows Update option, because otherwise you risk, that you get nForce drivers installed, which are broken or worse than those you had previously installed yourself.

The built in drivers are not good: If only it was a bug that was clearly at fault so that the fix could be pushed out, but oh well, guess that’s a fix for Ubuntu 8. Here is my dmesg grep forcedeth: Mc55 provides a method for combining drives of different sizes into one large disk.


I rather disabled a setting by default. I’ve already tried 2. Take a look at https: You need to log in to change this bug’s status.

nForce Driver Version 15.51 for MCP55

In the Gusty Tribe 5 live installer, open a terminal:. There’s no need to disable MSI for the whole kernel, one can fix this applying appropriate flags to a forcedeth module see comment I wanted to get ubuntu working and switch to it but the fact that you need to be a computer geek to use it and I’m obviously not geek enough with 10 years of programming experience and I don’t have any more weeks of my life I’m prepared to waste on it and the fact that this bug is not considered important enough to be dealt with in an update, means it’s back to windows for me.

In other words does my debug line match that info that shstem get from lspci -vvnn? After I reinstaled drivers, my array work like a sysgem. Good luck and much fun with my driverpacks – any feedback is much appreciated! I attch you a print screen to see.


I submit any aditional info what you need. I decided to blame something else for this issue and so i started to search on my ‘Message too large’ problem, which i was getting when using ‘dhclient eth0’.

The solution given above resolved my problem. Just to point the fact that the problem still exists in the latest ubuntu kernel update.

I can syste, this to the mailing lists to try to find a reasonable solution. I want to thank you all the hard work you’ve put into this project of yours, it is extremely helpful and your knowledge of storage subsystems is impressive.

I have no idea what could be the issue here Hello, I have attached you 3 screenshot from MediaShield Utility. And I am afraid this will require some time and systtem. To post a comment you must log in. The work ’round for for tribe 5 worked also, if i remember correctly. For any questions, please mail to andreas. My advice is to submit this issue as a new bug. I was having problems with large data transfers.